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    Thumbs up [Solved] The requestFileList function.

    While working on one of my plugins, I wanted to get a list of the current files in the channel that the user is in.

    So I came across the requestFileList function. It seemed to be the exact function I would need for that. Problem is I can't seem to find how to properly use it.

    Currently I am using:

    			uint64 resultChannelID;
    			char* returnCode = "";
    			ts3Functions.getChannelOfClient (serverConnectionHandlerID, myID, &resultChannelID);
    			ts3Functions.requestFileList(serverConnectionHandlerID,resultChannelID, "", "/", returnCode);
    So ultimately what I am looking for is an explanation of how to get a list of the file names in the current channel.
    Besides, is there any API coding reference page that would explain all the functions with some example code, or something alike?
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    Turns out the requestFileList function will literally request and only request the file list.
    The ts3plugin_onFileListEvent is the one actually returning the info of the files from that request.
    And ts3plugin_onFileListFinishedEvent is called when, of course, the request is done.

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