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Thread: Licensing issue

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    Licensing issue

    My NPL didnt get renewed because I had a paid one (1024 slots) for the last 12 months, I cant afford a new paid one at the moment and I didnt find any real solution apart from keeping the server offline. Both licenses expired and the NPL shouldnt have, taking into consideration the fact that server has been active all this time. Technically, nothing's wrong, the server was running a different license and the NP one got tagged as inactive, therefore, I thought my only way out of this would be a ticket, a human would understand the situation and give me the credit, but no one even bothers to read NPL-related tickets.
    What am I supposed to do? Any piece of advice? Apart from buying a license or keeping the server offline until my ticket is taken care of nor until I get enough money

    If your virtual server(s) are active within 30 days prior to the expiration date, the NPL will automatically renew itself for another six (6) months. However, if your virtual server(s) are inactive then your NPL will permanently expire
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    You must request a new NPL, when your license did expire.

    Already answered here
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