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    Question Request: Search for Testers of a Dark Style with Big Icons (up to 640px, atm 64px)

    Request: Search for Testers of a Dark Style with Big Icons (up to 640px) and Tab-bars on new locations. Inside the Post are hints on breaking the TS3 Icon Size Restriction Law!

    Hello and thank You for Your curiosity.

    This is my First Thread in this Forum.

    I need some help with the Testing of my newly created Style (Skin).

    Preview Screenshot:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen-Shot-All.png 
Views:	754 
Size:	388.6 KB 
ID:	10436

    Preview Screenshot with Highlights:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen-Shot-Highlights-1.png 
Views:	611 
Size:	417.5 KB 
ID:	10435

    I made a really Dark Skin and got it done to set the Server Tree View Icon sizes up to -640px X 640px- !
    This Size is really not usable, but as a proof of concept
    So with this breaking the LAW (or hacking?) a was able to change many Icon Sizes.
    The Toolbar is set to 48px, the Server Tree View is set to 64px (in real to 128px) and the Dialog Boxes are set to 48px.

    So what is the Trick?

    In Qt you are able to set Properties of the Classes inside the Controls.
    To make it clear not everything is possible and it can be changed by the developers at any update.

    For example for the Main Window Toolbar:

    MainWindow QToolBar
                    qproperty-iconSize: 48px 48px;
                    border: 0px;
                    spacing: 3px;
    >>>----------< qproperty-iconSize: 48px 48px; >-----------<<<

    But you will see that the Icon isnt changing his Size!
    To accomplish this you have to resize the Icon-Image to 48px and you make a guess which icon is which one and safe it and reload the Skin inside the Client.

    For all interested Testers and Style-makers, please do this first:

    Make a Hotkey for Skin update I use the Alt Gr-Key.

    Let me show what I mean.

    We want the First Toolbar Icon to be BIG:

    The files in the gfx Folder are the Icons, the Toolbar uses mostly the 24x24_name.png icons.
    These are in real 24px what we do now is to resize them to the 48px and overwrite the file.
    So the Filename MUST BE THE SAME but the content inside is resized.

    The First Toolbar Icon is 24x24_away.png.

    Filename Image Size in px
    Original: 24x24_away.png Name:  24x24_away - Kopie.png
Views: 666
Size:  1.2 KB 24
    Replacement: 24x24_away.png Name:  24x24_away.png
Views: 616
Size:  8.4 KB 48

    And thats the Magic

    With these Settings, for the Server Tree View, you can crank the size up to 128px and then use all other icons with smaller size. Because the item height will be measured with the Content size the icon height is a good point to make different heights.
    Maybe it will be a good thing to have rectangular icons instead of squared ones
    For any other Questions that will come up please send me an PM.

    Now I want to give a hint how I changed the Position of the Tab-Bar:
    Again it is a Qt thing
    #MainWindowServerTabsWidget QTabWidget
                    qproperty-tabPosition: West;
                    qproperty-tabShape: Rounded;
                    qproperty-iconSize: 64px;

    To make it clear now and forever

    The Tab-Bars are in different Sub Elements that contain the Tab-Bar Container Widget, it is not possible to put the Server-Tabs to Chat-Tabs and so on.
    Folks I really tried to get it done, but no way.

    The Only thing what you can do is to put the Server-Tabs to the South (Bottom, will be in the middle of the Window) and the Chat-Tabs to the North. But it looks a little bit strange in my opinion.

    Maybe you have a Question mark above your head now, why at all ?

    I usually need only one Server at a time maybe two, so why loosing Window space for a whole Row

    If in doubt its a Design decision! LoL

    But be aware when you reposition the Tab-bars your Styling has to be set for orientations and positions.


    And very important!!!

    Check the Tabs inside the Dialog Windows, they can inherit the Locations.

    Some Selectors:

    MainWindow QTabBar::tab:top
    QTabBar::scroller:vertical QToolButton
    QTabBar QToolButton::right-arrow
    QTabBar QToolButton::up-arrow
    QTabBar QToolButton::down-arrow
    QTabBar QToolButton::left-arrow
    Screenshot for the Tab-Bars at the Bottom:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen-Shot-Server-Rights.png 
Views:	257 
Size:	101.3 KB 
ID:	10441

    Now I need your help please, if you are willing to help me be welcome.

    This Style and the Testing took a long time, and I think it was worth to do it, but I need others to test it against their Client.

    All was made and tested on Windows 7 x64 bit.

    I developed (styled) on a 16:10 Screen with a resolution of 1680x1050, and tested it on an secondary FullHD Screen (1950x1080i).

    And this is the Starting Point, I want to make forks for lower resolutions, but after this is done.

    I found some missing Styles in different Dialogs, that I switched off so I dont see them anymore and I need their Style-Class-Names, Widget-Names and so forth.

    Also the colors can by strange because I am slightly color blind
    The Icon Set is not finished but I will start to make a complete Huge Set, to for fill the Icon-Size demand.

    In the Menu the Styling of the Sub-List.
    In the Options-Window get rid of wrong background Picture for Branches (eventsTreeView).
    Get rid of redundant Selectors.
    Find the right Selectors for Many Dialog Sub-Items.
    Find the qproperty or Selector for the Search-Widget when the Search is not a hit. (LineEdit background will be red without Styling).
    3DSoundWidget is in Test-Mode too big to fit the Window.
    Completing the Icon Set with the Size of 64px.
    Make Forks for lower Screen resolutions.
    Make sure that the Soundboard-Plugin-Styling inside the .qss-File is not breaking the Style when the plugin is not installed or activated.

    Please send me and Forums Message to get in contact.

    My native Language is German.

    Ich spreche auch deutsch, wenn es sein muss

    BTW: I like TeamSpeak I consider it as a milestone inside the IT. So I am on my knees that the TeamSpeak-Team want bash me for hacking the Style Code

    Liebes TeamSpeak-Team bitte habt Nachsicht mit mir falls ich irgendwelche regeln gebrochen habe,
    ich wollte eigentlich nur die URL Linkfarbe ndern, und jetzt hab ich den Styling Salat.

    c.u. Zui

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    i would not mine testing it, Just Send Me a PM. Also Is There Anyway You Can Make a Carbon Fiber Verson of it for a non-gaming theme of it

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