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    Need help completely resetting my teamspeak server

    I made a ticket on and its been 32 hours and I have not received a reply yet. I need to do this asap we are in the process of merging clans and the team speak is completely and utterly messed up beyond repair.

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    Depending on if you host the server yourself or if you rented the server you have different options to reset everything.

    If you host yourself, and you have ftp access: All the data of your server is saved in the 'ts3server.sqlitedb'. When you delete this file everything will be gone and when you start the server next time a new database will be created.

    If you rented the server: You probably can log-in to a browser interface on the hosters website and there might be a button to reset permissions.

    If you have query access: run the 'permreset' command, and all permissions will be set to default.

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