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    I want to shutdown Win pc when ts3 is emty. How I can check connected users by CMD?

    How I can check connected users by Windows console (CMD)?

    My purpose is to create a .bat which checks the number of connected users and if the number obtained is 0: execute the command shutdown. I pretend to execute this .bat every 30 min.
    I need this becouse i have the ts3 running in an pc which can be started by WakeOnLan method (router wakes up it) and this .bat will help me to save energy.

    If you know about some pluging or program that make something similar please post it.
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    HI xxxHeavy,

    With an simple .bat you cant do it.

    So you need an Software thats Connected to your TS3 Server and Monitor the Clients.
    And it can Shutdown your PC.

    BUT if an client woulc connect to your Server the Problem is WOL your PC Start the Server ( Ok this can work TS3 as Service) but in that time the Client gets an Timeout.

    Why not Spend some $ for an Vserver ( an small one ) with your TS3 Server on it. Saves mutch more Mony.

    Regards Sargnagel.

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    Hi Sargnagel,
    first of all, thank you for your response. The problem is that i use that pc to host more things that runs automaticly apart from ts3, rent is not an option for me at this time. Well, you said there are programs which join the server, is there some docu to make a program with my expecifications.

    I wanted to do it with batch becouse is really simple to use in win but i can also programm something in java or c that works fine, just i need some info, i've never use advanced options of ts3 yet.

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    Read the query console documentation.

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