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    Help with some information for my virtual server

    Hello i play a game whats need ts3 and i cant pay for rent a server soo i want to create my own server but for create a own server i dont know if i need a good computer or not because the game is a little game 2D the name is "tibia" but i need some information;

    ¿what requirements need my computer to create a ts3 20-30 slots?
    ¿Team Speak 3 can give me a lot of lag if i open my own server?

    for now i only want to know these two questions please..

    Sorry for my English i'm Latin i don't have a good English and i dont use traductor. im new here please help me ;D

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    1. There are no requirements for you computer. However, you need a good connection. For 20 players, you need at least 1 Mbit/s upstream.
    2. Yes, unless you have a very good connection (5 Mbit/s upstream and up).

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