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    Help Needed - First Time User.


    I have never used this before, and the internet doesn't really have any answers for my queries.

    I want to be able to have a large chat (around 20-50 people) with no other people who aren't involved joining. I need to have voice chat with all the people whilst we all play a multiplayer game.

    Is TeamSpeak the right software for this? How do I go about downloading and setting it up? Will it cost me any money, or is there some way in which it will be fee?

    Sorry for all the questions, I really have no idea what this is all about and need help from people in the know!

    Thanks to anyone who reads this and answers, I appreciate your time

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    Yes, Teamspeak is exactly what you are looking for. Vioce chat with several other people without anyone needing to set up some conference call.

    First you need the teamspeak client installed on your PC. Then you need a Teamspeak-server, either a public one or self hosted or rented from an authorized hoster. On this server you can create different channels and then all clients connected to the same channel can communicate with each other.

    For a start i recommend you download the client from (free of charge) and connect to the official public TS-Server, which you can find in the favourites. There you can create a temporary channel and try, whether you are satisfied with this software.

    If you come to the conclusion that TS is the right thing for you (you probably will), think about getting your own server. Self hosting needs some experience in IT, so best would be to rent a server with the needed amout of slots from an authorized hoster. Every client simultaneously connected to your server uses up one slot. So if you have a community of 50 people and at any given point all 50 want to talk with each other you need a 50 slot server.
    Licences for self-hosting a server are available free of charge for non profit organizations. Basic license (no need to get a license file) is for a maximum of 32 slots, NPL-licence (bit tricky to get one atm) allows for up to 512 slots. In either case you need a server connected to the internet with enough bandwidth to serve your clients.

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    Brilliant. Everything I wanted to know.

    Thank you very much. :-)

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