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    Question [NL] confusing translation error

    Hi there,

    I stumbled upon a very confusing translation error regarding voice data encryption.

    When the language is set to Dutch, the translation is exactly opposite of what the settings should be !!

    So, when i choose:
    Channel voice data encryption: Globally On ... it turns all the encryption off!

    It took me one hour to understand that the translation went wrong. Can i fix this myself? i tried opening the lagos_nl.qm file in Notepad++ but it is not readable.

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    All translations but German and English are fan-made and have nothing to do with TeamSpeak. Please contact the author.

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    Oke, clear... can you please tell me how i can fix this myself? i have searched the add-ons but can;t find anything to edit those language files...

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    You should be able to modify them with QtLinguist.
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