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    Way to change values?

    Ok so i'm admin on my ts3 server, we have server admins, mods, and teamspeak helpers. I want to make so that only admins can join the admin channels. So mods can only join their channels and lower, and for ts helpers to be able to join their channel and lower. Get what I mean? I've noticed the whole permission's ordeal and I get it somewhat. What I want to know is how can I change the values of the permission's? For example: Admin-100+ join power Mod-80-99 join power Ts helper 79-60 join power. Making it so that they would need a certain amount of join power to join certain channels. I know it is possible because I have seen it done, not sure if it was done some other way tho. Another thing was on how to make people in a channel not visible to other's without certain amount of power.

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    You have to change to the Advanced permission System in the Settings/Application/Misc checkbox.

    Then, you have to give the groups a different i_channel_join_power (the higher the rank, the higher the value), and give to the group restricted channels, a i_channel_needed_join_power equal or less than the required group power to enter.


    Admin = 75 (default) (can enter 75 or lower)
    Mod = 60 (can enter 60 or lower)
    Ts Helper = 50 (can enter or lower)
    Newbie = 40 (can enter 40 or lower)
    Guest = 0 (can enter 0 or lower)


    Room A : 65 (Admin can enter)
    Room B : 55 (Admin and Mod can enter)
    Room C : 45 (Admin, Mod and TS Helper can enter)
    Room D : 35 (Admin, Mod and TS Helper and Newbies can enter)
    Room E : 0 (Everyone can enter, even server guests).

    Hope you understood,


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    If you want the group to enter only their channel, i. e. Mod should not enter the Helper channel you have to use channel groups.
    The user "Morthawt" will surely help you with this (and his videos)

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