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    No icons showing for server admin

    In the teamspeak channel I am an admin on, when trying to create new groups, no icons are showing. I can still make the groups fine, just can't get any icons. I tried reinstalling teamspeak and looking around for answer and ried a few things but since I am not the server owner, I don't have access to some of the things I found (Such as edit virtual server or something). Any help? I asked the owner if they had changed anything and they said that they hadn't.

    When I try to upload a server icon from an icon pack I downloaded, it says

    file not found
    Transfer "icon_3848981124" reports: (file not found)

    I have put these icons in the default directory for them and I don't know what else to try

    Edit: Just found out same thing happens with avatars

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    Please make sure the server can write in the required folders. It is likely that the folders do not even exist, so the server installation is broken is pretty hard to fix for all channels.

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