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Thread: Teamspeak crash

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    Teamspeak crash

    Yesterday evening I was in a channel of mine, where I usually do not have any issues at all.
    While talking to a friend of mine, some random new guy joined and my TS3 crashed. I could still hear my friend talking, but the client was at the point where it asks you to wait for it to work or force to shut it down.
    Today, I tried joining the same server and it crashed entirely, prompting me to make a thread on the forums with an attached .dmp file, so there we go.
    For some reason, I still join after hitting the connect button after waiting 5 minutes, but it's still laggy and I can't join chats correctly.

    Another weird fact, if I hit connect I immediately hear the people talking in the main channel and they hear me. It's the client that's crashing, so I can't switch servers or hear the teamspeak sounds (joined, left, moved, etc.)

    I've never had any problems like this one before that guy joining.
    Note that it's only the one server that makes me crash, others seem to be working as usual.

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    Try clearing your chat logs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hssarth View Post
    Try clearing your chat logs.
    Installed the screech plugin and cleared the all cache including chat logs, but it still takes 5 minutes (like it used to) and all the other issues.

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    Problem persists, would really like a fix, clearing cache etc. is not working so far.

    EDIT: I fixed the problem after clearing my cache for like a third time, hoping this would magically solve the problem as everyone everywhere told me and it somehow did. Hope this gets a general fix soon.
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