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    Clientinfo vs clientlist -info


    I would like know why clientlist -info doesn't return all value from clientinfo? Currently, when i have 100 clients on my virtual server i need to send 100 query to get all clients infos.

    I don't understand why the flag -info send incomplete data.

    Can you fix it to reduce the numbers of query?

    Thank you, Toine

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    what kind of information you trying to get?

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    clientlist is intended to get a quick overview of all the clients currently present. It is able to return all the information required to be able to accurately display the connected clients in the treeview and then some. It is not some fire and forget command to get every tiny detail about every client on the server.
    More detailed / special information about a particular client that is not usually required must be explicitly requested by calling clientinfo for the client which you need that special information about.

    clid=42 cid=1337 client_database_id=1111 client_nickname=guest client_type=0 client_away=0 client_away_message client_flag_talking=0 client_input_muted=0 client_output_muted=0 client_input_hardware=0 client_output_hardware=0 client_talk_power=70 client_is_talker=0 client_is_priority_speaker=0 client_is_recording=0 client_is_channel_commander=0 client_unique_identifier=abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz client_servergroups=110,115 client_channel_group_id=157 client_channel_group_inherited_channel_id=1337 client_version=3.0.16\s[Build:\s1407159763] client_platform=Windows client_idle_time=1111 client_created=1111111111 client_lastconnected=111111111 client_country=DE
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    There is a flag to get bandwitch data in clientlist data? I have found the -ip flag (not in the pdf documentation ) to get IP.

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    No, please use clientinfo for this

    clientlist only supports these parmaters
    [-uid] [-away] [-voice] [-times] [-groups] [-info] [-country] [-ip] [-badges]

    Not everything is currently listed
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    The linked query manual is just outdated (February 29th, 2012). The server includes one that does list -ip, which was added on April 3rd, 2012.

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