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    Teamspeak app for iPhone 5s

    Hi there, so I've paid for and downloaded the teamspeak app for my iphone 5s and and basically my connection to teamspeak just appeard to be unstable as heck ! its a brand new phone and I wouldn't worry about it but since I paid money for the app, I'm hoping someone can explain this to me.

    Basically in chat I see that it says "Client is Flooding"

    This happens even if I have my microphone and headphones muted.. not typing to anyone either, also sitting in an AFK channel on teamspeak which prevents any communications what so ever, so no idea how my client is still "flooding"

    any info would be appreciated, thank you !!

    edit: sorry in case I was not clear, it will say I am flooding a few times then simply disconnect me.

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    This is an old bug, that was fixed on version 3.17.561
    Is your App up-to date? You can find the client version under "Settings"

    Additional, make sure that the server is version, because only outdated servers will kick you for flodding.

    Please try our public test server
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    Its dont fixed i Got it in the new version

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    Is it suit for iPad?

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