audiodg.exe is showing more CPU usage than it should even when nobody is speaking or even when I'm alone on a channel. I know this one has been around the forums before, I looked for possible fixes. Nothing I tried works, such as disabling enhancements or plugins or echo cancellation.
I noticed something odd about the process though. When TS3 is running audiodg.exe is always getting an average of about 7% CPU usage, but when I also run winamp for example and play a song on it while TS3 is also running, then the usage drops to 3-4%. Only with winamp it's steady at around 1,30-1,50%. So I'm pretty sure it's something with TS3, but I have no idea what causes CPU usage to drop when another program is also playing sounds. Perhaps this can help you guys finally get to the bottom of this one, if you need any info/logs or such then feel free to ask me I'd be happy to help.

Anyhow my CPU shouldn't have any trouble running it: AMD A10 5750M APU