I try to configure my server to allow whisper between two groups (MG/Officer). I have set these values:

// MG & Officer groups
i_client_whisper_power 75 true false 75
i_client_needed_whisper_power 50 true false 50

// Other groups
i_client_whisper_power (not set)
i_client_needed_whisper_power 100 false false 100

We have configured our whisper list like that:

Use individual settings in contacts, else allow
Whisper to: Groups
Group Whisper Type: All Clients
Group Whisper Target: All Channels

Each user wo have tried this configuration or any other whisper list configuration got "no whisper target found" notification but we have 2 members of MG group and 6 members of Officer group online.

There is a bug from these permissions with this configuration type?

Note: When i set i_client_whisper_power 100 false false 100 everything works but we whisp all clients, this is not what we need :/

Server version: Linux x64
Clients version: 3.0.14 Window & OS X

Thank you for your help.