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    I need to be able to disable auto-reconnect.

    Gentlemen, I need to be able to disable TS3's auto-reconnect feature. While I am in game I sometimes have problems with my clan's TS server, when this happens TS3 attempts to reconnect and it's network priority seems to overwhelm the traffic for my games and it disconnects me from the game. I read this on a previous post.

    Currently there is no option to disable this feature, as we consider this quite important.
    I understand this to a degree, but I must suggest you look at it again from the user's point of view. TeamSpeak3 is a very valuable utility, but it is ALWAYS secondary to the primary application or game. If TS3 is killing my game connection and I am being killed in game and my clan is losing a match then TS3 is the problem. I can always reconnect at my convenience, but a loss is not so easy to recover from. We need a way to either disable the reconnect or change the network priority of the TS3 connection so that it is a lower priority then the primary application.

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    Compared to other network traffic, the traffic used by TS3 on a reconnection attempt is negligible. It's only a few data packets, it would never satiate your network bandwidth if you are connected with a broadband Internet connection (1mbit or more).

    It's probably a general network problem on your side, not a Teamspeak problem. If Teamspeak disconnects, this is a symptom of server problems or a bad network connection. You can find out which applies:

    If it is a server problem, all others on the server disconnect at about the same time.

    If it is a network problem on your side, all applications on your side have a problem at about the same time. Teamspeak and your game have a problem at the same time, so I assume this is what applies in your case.

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    Three options:
    • Get a decent router/NIC/QoS.
    • Get decent internet.
    • Bind disconnect to some key.

    Not a TeamSpeak issue at all.

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