A strange thing has happened to me today with the Permission System, something that has never happened before.
A friend of mine who's obsessed with icons and stuff like that has asked me to create him a group that can allow him to edit icons and pictures and so on.
I've copied the Server Admin group and edited it, simply lowered the modify_power values of it to match the other server groups I have on my teamspeak except for myself.
Server Admin i_group_needed_modify_power = 75
Adi i_group_needed_modify_power = 74
Admin i_group_needed_modify_power 73
Normal i_group_needed_modify_power 70

I've given him (Adi) group modify power of 74 so he could edit his own group, edit the Admin & Normal group too.
But whenever he's trying to edit the i_icon_id permission he's getting the insufficient permission modify power error.

And frankly I don't understand what I've done wrong, I made sure every needed permission is lower than his own modify permission.
At first I thought it maybe had something to do with Grant Permissions but I couldn't find them, I mean like I can't find grant permissions anymore.
If anyone has a solution I'll appreciate it.

It is important to mention that it works whenever I give him modify_power of 75, I tried lowering the needed modify power to 10 and give him 74 but it still did not work.