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    Question Opening Teamspeak 3 while playing Guild wars 2 makes GW sound go outside headset.

    Okay whenever I use laptop to play Gw2 on and open teamspeak 3 the sound of the game(gw2) will go from the speaker of laptop instead in headset (TS 3 sound still goes in headset). If I close the TS 3, it'll turn back to normal. I never had it before on pc, and used different headset to fix the problem but it doesn't affect the outcome. Someone knows how to fix this?


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    Fixed it, hopefully will work for you

    Hi! I went through 2 hours of forums with the same problem.
    I have a HP Pavilion DV6, and it has a separate sound thing called Beats sound control. In its advanced setting is something call Multi-streaming, I disabled it and now my game and TS come out of the headset. I hope it works for you guys.

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