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    [Request] Text Chat / Poke Commands


    I'd like a plugin that can accept commands via text chat or poke.

    The commands should be:

    .joinme - joins channel user is in.
    .home - goes to defined home channel


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    Easily done with a LUA Script.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Easily done with a LUA Script.
    Except, I have no coding experience what-so-ever, so to me it wouldn't be "easily done". Which is why I'm asking someone who can "easily" do if he would be so kind as to do it for me.

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    Any chance anyone could do this for me?

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    Ok i'm not familiar with LUA myself, so dont take this as a masterpiece

    download the attachment, extract it to
    so you have
    in the end.

    you can edit the file...right at the start the "home channel" is defined, so you can edit it easily

    enable the lua plugin and in the preferences of the plugin you have to enable the "autojoin" script. good luck

    here the code, if someone else is interested
    require("ts3init")            -- Required for ts3RegisterModulerequire("ts3defs")
    local MODULE_NAME = "autojoin"
    local home_channel = "Eingangshalle"
    local function localOnTextMessageEvent(serverConnectionHandlerID, targetMode, toID, fromID, fromName, fromUniqueIdentifier, message, ffIgnored)
        if targetMode == ts3defs.TextMessageTargetMode.TextMessageTarget_CLIENT then    
            clientID = ts3.getClientID(serverConnectionHandlerID)        
            if message == ".joinme" then
                newChannelID = ts3.getChannelOfClient(serverConnectionHandlerID, fromID)
                ts3.requestClientMove(serverConnectionHandlerID, clientID, newChannelID, "")
            elseif message == ".home" then
                channelList, err = ts3.getChannelList(serverConnectionHandlerID)    
                for i, channelID in ipairs(channelList) do 
                    if home_channel == ts3.getChannelVariableAsString(serverConnectionHandlerID, channelID, ts3defs.ChannelProperties.CHANNEL_NAME) then
                        homeChannelID = channelID
                ts3.requestClientMove(serverConnectionHandlerID, clientID, homeChannelID, "")
        return 0
    -- Define which callbacks you want to receive in your module. Callbacks not mentioned
    -- here will not be called. To avoid function name collisions, your callbacks should
    -- be put into an own package.
    local registeredEvents = {
        onTextMessageEvent = localOnTextMessageEvent
    -- Register your callback functions with a unique module name.
    ts3RegisterModule(MODULE_NAME, registeredEvents)
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