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    Ticketing System?


    I help run a popular gaming community. The problem with this, is we constantly have people coming in to our "help" channels in TS. This can get out of hand at times and we can end up helping people in the wrong order, then they get all pissy.

    Is there anyway, even if it is just a plugin that the admins have, to assign the TS users a number/ticket/whatever that is displayed as a badge or custom nickname, that will let us know who is first in line.

    If a person leaves that channel, then comes back, they lose their place and go to the end of the queue.

    Is this possible at all?

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    Not sure about any plugins, but you could just restrict that channel to a manageable number of users so it's easy to keep track on who's first etc.

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    Or you just make the channel have talk power requirement, and force users to request talk power if they need help. Then you can utilize the "Revoke all and grant next" Option for talkpower, either through hotkeys, the toolbar, or through the channel context menu.
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