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    Whisper Problems

    Hi all.

    I'm working with a brand new TS3 install here. I'm a bit new to Teamspeak 3.

    I'm attempting to set up whisper lists for channel commander. From what I've read, if I set up a whisper to look like the following image below, I should be able to whisper from a sub-channel to the parent channel and also all of the sub-channels of the parent channel. My goal is for a channel commander in a sub-channel to be able to whisper to the channel commander in the parent channel and all of the sub-channels of the parent channel BUT not to any channel commanders in the channels above the parent channel.

    Here is what my whisper list looks like:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	whisperlist1.png 
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    Here is what the pertinent channel structure looks like:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	channelstructure1.png 
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    With that configuration, on a stock TS3 server, someone in any of the sub channels with channel commander when using that whisper cannot be heard by anyone with channel commander in the parent channel or any of the other sub-channels. He can only be heard by channel commanders in the same channel.

    I have tried all of the other options under Group Whisper Target but none meet my criteria.

    Any help/advice on resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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    I too exactly have the same problem ? can some one resolve it ? please .. It will be really helpful to me
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    Your setting is wrong if you like to whisper to sub and parent channels.
    Please use Complete Channel Family for this.

    I try to explain the whisper targets (I hope i remember right here)
    • All Channels -> To all channels on your server
    • Current Channel -> To your current channel
    • Parent Channel -> To your parent channel
    • All parent channels -> To all parent channels (above your current channel)
    • Channel Family -> All channels on the same level
    • Complete Channel Family -> To all sub, parent and channels on the same level
    • Parent Channel -> To your parent channel
    • Subchannells -> To your subchannel
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