Hi all!
1. I build server (ts3_server_sample) from sdk examples with USE_VOICEDATAEVENT.
2. I build client (ts3_client_minimal_sample) from sdk examples with disablied vad (push & talk mode, for test it was always pushed).
3. After connect, i have on server side unexpected hits of StopTalk|StartTalk events with period ~4.7 seconds.
When it going, buffered voice data (voiceData argument of onVoiceDataEvent) has unexpected fadeout effect at end.

Deeper research remarks:
If set funcs.onVoiceDataEvent = 0, then #3 not reproduced (StartTalk event hits when client connected, and StopTalk event hits when it disconnected).

If set CHANNEL_CODEC_LATENCY_FACTOR (on client side) to values > 1, then period unexpected events flips, will occur more frequently.

And now my question:
How to get rid from these unexpected events?

Thanks for any help!

PS: SDK v3, Windows 7