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    Lost Server Admin privileges? need help!

    Need help with regaining Admin privileges on my server that I'm renting. I've set it up couple years ago and i don't remember how i did. I've installed TS3 win64 on my new PC and I'm trying to regain my status. To make mater worse i don't have access to my old computer in order to import the data necessary for recognition. Plz heelp!

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    After doing some more reading i thought i got the hanged of this, but no. With the help of server query I'm trying to generate a new server admin token in order to register a privilege key for my self. it keeps saying invalid privilege key. either i'm not doing something right or in the correct order. PLZ let me know what I'm doing wrong.

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    If tokens generated using server query fail, it's most likely due to escaping. "\/" must be replaced by "/".

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