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    Is it possible to modify extended info to include seconds_empty?

    As the title suggests, I am wondering if it is possible to modify the extended client info skin to include a channel's seconds_empty information to prevent having to load up a terminal, connect, find the channel ID, type commands to get the info. I use this information to know if a section is active or inactive and it would be fantastic if there is a quick way I can known that on the client by means of a skin tweak. I have tried but no variables work.
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    --- This statement is for client 3.0.14 and 3.0.15 ---

    You already know, how long this channel is empty.
    I guess you know, how long your channels stay in temporary mode (when empty).

    This paramter shows the time, that is left on the channel.
    There is no other parameter for this.

    Why are there 2 threads about this? The request about such a feature and how to include it in a skin if it does not exist?

    Thread marked as not possible

    Thread #2 marked for a team discussion
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    After I realised it is not possible I made an official request to request it because I know new variables have been added. The temporary delete time is not what I am looking for. I will just stick with the request thread. This one can be closed or ignored.

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