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    Cannot remove Servergroups from users

    Hey Teamspeak community!

    I am having a problem with my Teamspeak3 server. I have assigned my self the Server Administrator. I can add people to server groups, but for some reason, I cannot remove a servergroup from another user or even from myself!

    As you can see, the boxes are greyed out:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I also tried from the Permission congifuration, but the "Remove" is also greyed out.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AU7tSE5.png 
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    I appreciate all kind of help. Thank you for reading!


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    Check your i_group_member_remove_power permissions and check what your i_group_member_add_power is. You will need to check all server and channel groups you belong to, to try and figure out where the problem is happening. It could also be to do with i_client_permission_modify_power and i_client_needed_permission_modify_power. To see if the problem is the latter one, see if you can assign and revoke channel groups. Currently those two last permissions do not effect channel groups.

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    I managed to solve my problem:

    For some reason when I was Channel Admin, I could not remove Servergroups. I changed my servergroup to guest, and now I can remove servergroups.

    Can you please tell me why?

    @Morthawt Thanks for answer. It was my Channelgroup (Admin) who did not have modify/add/remove permissions, while the needed permission level was 75. Thanks once more !


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    If you host yourself, you should read the permission doc.
    In Permission Windows, the Tabs "more right" overwrite the previous ones, i. e. Channel Groups overwrite Server Groups.
    To avoid Channel and Channel Group permissions to overwrite Servergroup (or Client) permissions you have to check the "Skip" flag next to the permission.

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