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    File Locations of TeamSpeak 3 Server on Mac OS X 10.6 Server


    As the title suggests, I am running a Mac OS X 10.6 Server and have TeamSpeak 3 Server installed as well.

    Since the server is not doing all too well (I, as the server owner, lost permissions to modify rooms), I once tried to reinstall it, but it appeared that some data was retained messing things up. So, I restored from the zipped backup I created beforehand.

    Therefore, I wonder where TeamSpeak 3 Server is actually storing its files. Does it use MySQL from Mac OS X 10.6 Server as well or does it stick to its own SQLite database in the TS3 server's directory?

    If the latter and everything regarding the TS3 server is in the same directory, I would assume that the TS3 server would be completely reset when removing the directory and replacing it with a fresh copy.

    Also, what I may need to ask in the same breath: Is it possible to set up a TS3 server on one computer, then shut it down and move the files (maybe even zipped) to the final computer or would that break something?

    Anyone out there to confirm or able to provide me with file location information, please?

    Also, if Mac OS X's MySQL is being used as well, what would I need to do to wipe it from TS3 data. Important to note is that I cannot reset the entire MySQL service as there are other services (e.g. wikis) using it. So, it needs to be more surgical.

    Thanks already for all helpful responses!
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