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    how to access the teamspeak database and modify it?

    hi guys, i am a starting c# programmer. i was wondering if it is possible to write a bot in c# to say give ranks to people according to time spent in the teamspeak. how can mods access the teamspeak server database? and can the database be modified with queries and will it break the teamspeak?

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    The correct way to modify objects in the Teamspeak server database is to use the query admin interface that is built in the Teamspeak server. Don't modify the database directly. The database is not documented, and it isn't very robust against invalid modifications either, since referential integrity features of the dbms are not used.

    If you want to write an external application that modifies the database, write or reuse an existing wrapper around the query admin interface. YaTQA is such an application.

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    There are currently wrappers for .net, PHP, Delphi (available on request) and three for Java (1, 2, 3). However, the .net one that you would most likely need for your work is no longer being maintained since three years.

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