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    Question Doubt creating a new Server Group

    I'm trying to create a new server group called "Admin" with less power than the default "Server Admin".
    I used the own Server Admin to make a copy and then put the options with less power, but I'm suffering with a problem.

    When I as Sever Admin put a member ("User-Admin1") into the "Admin" group goes with success. But when I try to put another guy ("User-Admin2") into the Admin group using the "User-Admin1" I cannot do this. The "Admin" group stay gray, but the "Normal" (default group) appear as a possible.

    I already tried almost all the combinations and nothing let me put a member inside the "Admin" group, beeing a user of this "Admin" group.

    The only thing that let me do this, is when I set the "i_group_member_add_power" to 75 in the "Admin" group.. but it let the members to scale to "Server Admin" too.. that is what I dont want.

    My last atempt was this:

    Server Admin
    i_client_kick_from_server_power = 75 (default)
    i_client_needed_kick_from_server_power = 75 (default)
    i_client_move_power = 75 (default)
    i_client_needed_move_power = 75 (default)
    i_group_member_add_power = 75 (default)
    i_group_needed_member_add_power = 75 (default)
    i_group_member_remove_power = 75 (default)
    i_group_needed_member_remove_power = 75 (default)

    i_client_kick_from_server_power = 60
    i_client_needed_kick_from_server_power = 60
    i_client_move_power = 60
    i_client_needed_move_power = 60
    i_group_member_add_power = 60
    i_group_needed_member_add_power = 60
    i_group_member_remove_power = 60
    i_group_needed_member_remove_power = 60

    I'm using
    TeamSpeak3 version 3.0.14 (12/03/2014 08:49)
    and teamspeak3-server_linux-amd64- as server.

    What I want:
    Only one guy inside the Server Admin (me, and I will not use this identity)

    A group called "Admin" with less power than "Server Admin", where will be my another identity and another friends that I want as admins to help me.
    And as a member of the group "Admin" I would have permission to add another users to this group, but not to to "Server Admin Group"

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    Check which values "i_client_permission_modify_power" and "i_client_needed_permission_modify_power" permission the "Admin" group has.
    The first need to be >= the second one to edit that user.


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