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    Extend slot / virtual server by licence


    i'm a young hoster that offer hosting ArmA 3 server for guild & clan, with that, i offer the possibility to have a free space for a site and forum.

    But the really thing i need : Offer a minimal server TS3, then we are limited to one virtualserver and 32 slots i can't provide anything.

    I looking licence but dont know wich i really need because i DONT rent the ts3 server, it's free and limited to 32 slots.

    The only thing i rent is the power for game's server.

    So wich licence can take for create multiple server for free ?

    Thank's you.

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    You need an ATHP license, because you are hosting. Whether or not you charge extra for that or cover costs by the other products you bundle TeamSpeak with doesn't matter.

    PS: This question doesn't really belong into the tech forum.
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