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    Exclamation Fake Emails from TeamSpeak Support

    It has come to our attention that Spam Emails are being sent in the name of TeamSpeak and TeamSpeak Support. In these mails users are asked to reveal their server query passwords due to changes to the license agreement.
    These emails are fake and not sent by TeamSpeak. If you have received such an email please delete it and do not disclose any of your server query passwords or other important information.
    We never ask for any passwords or other credentials unsolicited. If you as a TeamSpeak License holder open a ticket via our support system and a support specialist requires sensitive information in order to support you then they will ask you to log in to our support system and add the information directly to the relevant case. You should never disclose passwords or other credentials by email.

    In case you already revealed your server query password as demanded in those emails, or entered it on any website, we advise you to change your server query password instantly. For the main server query admin account (serveradmin) this can be done in two ways:
    1. connect to your query interface, login as serveradmin using your current password and then issue the following command: clientsetserverquerylogin client_login_name=serveradmin You will receive your new password and will have to use that from now on. Should you be unable to login because the attacker already changed the password use the second method below.
    2. Stop your TeamSpeak 3 server and then start it using the following command line parameter in addition to those that you usually use: serveradmin_password=MySecretPassword then start the server, wait until it's available and then stop it again. Afterwards start the server again using your usual command line (without the serveradmin_password parameter).

    For other accounts, you can either use the first approach (replacing serveradmin with your login name) or the TeamSpeak Client Option located in Tools -> ServerQuery Login to set a new name (or the old one) and receive a new password.

    As soon as we have more details we will update this post.
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