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    License changes Feedback (10 to 2 servers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    I talked to Sales and got this statement and the permission to write this.

    NPL issued before Jun 2014
    All NPL's with 10 virtual server and 512 slots will be renewed automatically with the same condition.

    But you will loose this condition for following reasons:
    1. Abuse of that license (selling, hosting for others etc.)
    2. Your license did not renew, because the server was inactive

    NPL issued after Jun 2014 / Or you want to request a NPL
    Your license will be renewed with 2 virtual server and 512 slots.

    There is no way to get a NPL with 10 virtual server.
    Please do not create tickets for this. This condition is only for the old license type.

    This was an official feedback, since there are no news about the situation.

    Really, that news ticker in the client should have been used for both of these news headlines. NPL update should have been pushed to everyone, yet this is the first I've heard about it, a week later, was it even announced in forum? I'm not happy about the 2 V-server change at all though. Currently have PlanetSide Outfit, RR7 racers, family server, Ingress server and a test server... If I want to keep the test server I now can only have 1 public server. I really like separate servers for different groups of people I associate with, permissions merging these servers into a single v-server so that a group from one have no influence on another would be a nightmare. Maybe I'll revert the less used servers to TeamSpeak 2 where I still have a 1024 slot license.

    You want a way to crack down on piracy? Use the news ticker to get users to police the servers they are renting/using and report them themselves. Most people don't know how to know if the server they are using is pirated. Have a link in the news ticker to a page about "How to Determine if Your Server is Legal". Cover checking slot count / license type, if "No license" and more than 32 slots, illegal. If NPL and more than 512, illegal. If NPL and they are paying or asked to pay anything, illegal. If their server appears to be illegal instruct them on how to report the server address to you for review. Some users on those server will realize the server they are using is illegal and they didn't even know it. Stop blacklist evasion by editing data on client systems, have TS3 client review the address it gets for the blacklist server and if it looks really wrong (you would know) have the client reject connecting to any server.
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