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    Change Channel Default Permissions

    I would like to do one of the following:

    -Set up my server so that, when a channel is created by a users of different channel/server groups the Regular Needed Powers (Join, Subscribe, Desc. View, Modify, & Delete) are defaulted to values based off the channel/server group that created the channel.
    -Set up my server so that, when a sub-channel is created by a user of any channel/server group the Regular Needed Powers (Join, Subscribe, Desc. View, Modify, & Delete) are defaulted to values based off the root channel that channel is created as a branch of.
    -Any other option that will achieve the same/similar desired effects.

    I have added arbitrary values to most permissions that I believe are related, in the hopes to find a permission that will changes the default 0 to one of these arbitrary values. I have determined the following:

    The b_channel_delete_power Value will result in any channel created by a user of that group to default its Needed Delete Power to the same value of the b_channel_delete_power. This is not the case with the similar permissions (i_channel_join_power, i_channel_subscribe_power, i_channel_description_view_power, i_channel_permission_modify_power).

    I have the strong feeling that this is either not possible or a bug that may be fixed in newer versions.

    Running Server Version: Linux

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    You're correct in that it is not possible. the needed_delete_power is an exception to prevent everyone from being able to delete random channels.
    Subchannel permission inheritance was planned once, but hasn't made it in yet. Not sure if it's still on the list either.
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